The Best in Personal Service

Meet Marilyn Snider and Elly Sherman, expert fitters who have guided women to feel their best under the sun since 1979. Never expecting the success they have enjoyed, they opened the boutique on a whim in 1979 and after many years of success, the pair have seen and heard it all.

With personal service that extends far beyond other retailers, Beachwear offers one-on-one attention to each customer. Their experience and knowledge of fabrics, cuts and proper sizing has rewarded them with repeat customers for decades. So much so, they now fit the daughters and granddaughters of customers they've served in the past. The boutique also conveniently shares their store front with Legs Plus & Bra Boutique, a "bra clinic" run by their daughters, Randi and Rhonda since 1982.

The family-oriented atmosphere provides a warm, reassuring shopping experience no matter what the season or destination. Their years of experience have taught them the importance of boosting your self-esteem and confidence and you will leave knowing that you've made the best purchase possible.

"Most women have very low self-esteem when it comes to their bodies, and do not like what they see when they step in front of the mirror. In swimwear, much like in clothing, it's about accentuating the positive and camouflaging what you don't like." ~Elly Sherman

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