Ladies, I have accomplished the impossible. Not only have I found a bathing suit that looks and feels great, but a bikini, too. Now you may be thinking I must be some slender proportioned person who can`t relate to the dread of finding a bathing suit and wearing one in public. Not so. After gaining 15 pounds in the past year, let`s burberry replica handbags just say my recent trip to Jamaica included a fruitless trip to a bathing suit store beforehand and few beach pictures to show afterward. So after finding a speciality store called Beachwear Unlimited in North York, whose owners Elly Sherman and Marilyn Snider have more than 30 years experience fitting Toronto women into beachwear and who claim they can fit any woman, I decided to take on the challenge. Buying a good bathing suit or bikini is akin to having the proper bra or pair of jeans  replica handbags (I call those women`s triple threat), so although I was skeptical, I went in hoping for the best. Snider took one look at me, pulled some bikinis and bathing suits and within five minutes I was wearing ones that fit. Now did it magically mean my muffin top, belly pooch and cellulite disappeared? No, but the secret to being happy with your bathing suit or bikini is first and foremost having the proper fit. Snider said the three areas she looks at are the bust, the rise in the leg and the bum area. This is where you have to leave bashful and shy at home because Snider and Sherman are hands on and come into the change room to size and adjust your suits to help achieve the right fit for you. In the bust, Snider said a little cleavage is fine, but you should not be hanging out the sides. For the legs, the rise has to be not too high to expose the pelvic area, and in the rear, she replica handbags outlet `s looking to make sure it`s not tight, but not hanging off your butt, either. When all of that is done, the second most important thing is you like the piece and are comfortable in it. Snider said what you`re trying to achieve is the perfect balancing act between fit and comfort, and then you need the confidence to pull it off. "The rest is up to you," Snider said. "I could love it on you, but you have to love`s such a personal thing." Other popular complaints are bust, back, butt and thighs, and Snider has tricks to help hide or draw attention away from those areas. For someone with a larger bust, support is key, and the store offers bra-sized suits and ones with built-in bra support. You can also opt for a suit with ruffles, colour or patterns to help proportion and distract. For a woman who is insecure about her tummy, you can also use different styles and colour to help proportion or distract, but Snider said they also have what they call a flag suit, which contains a piece that comes across the tummy, as well as the miracle suit, which has tremendous tummy control. For butt- and thigh-conscious women, they have suits with little A-line skirts on them, short-style bottoms and a plethora of colourful sundresses, coverups and wraps. If you`re worried about back fat, Snider said they have suits with higher backs to help hide that. The store carries bikinis, bathing suits and tankinis (tank-top-style tops with separate bottoms) in various styles. Snider said contrary to popular belief, there is a suit for everyone. They see anyone from teenagers replica handbags ouelet  to women 90 years old, carry up to a E in cup sizes, 3x in tankinis and up to size 26 in one pieces. Their suits are priced from $75 to $220, which is not unreasonable considering I bought a bikini top I half-liked for $50 on my shopping trip at a regular retail swimwear store. Besides, it`s worth it to pay a little more for quality, fit, comfort and style. However, all the variety of swimwear and tricks to achieve your best look won`t do a thing if you don`t have the right attitude. Snider said her biggest challenge is overcoming women`s low self-esteem when it comes to swimwear. "We`re not going to let you walk out of here looking ridiculous, but sometimes it replica bags outlet`s frame of mind," Snider said. "If you`re thinking `Oh crap, I have to try on bathing suits,` it`s worse than bras and jeans because you`re seeing it all in a bathing suit." So love your body, come in with an open mind and be comfortable in your own skin - the rest can be taken care of with cleverly placed accessories.

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