For years, Gottex's chief designers have prided themselves on the significant time and energy put forth into the creation process. Although each swimsuit is made in Israel, Gottex Swimwear reflects unique creativity that stems from worldwide influences. The company does not only create beautiful designer swimwear, but it creates essential concepts that other designers willingly observe and emulate. For years, Gottex has been seemingly engrossed in a love affair with colors, many of which are inspired by the beautiful Israeli landscape. Furthermore, quality, fit, and great attention to even the most miniscule of details are all essential to the Gottex name.

All of the designer features associated with the legendary brand that customers have come to seemingly worship over the years are all present in the new Gottex Profile Swimwear line. Customers can expect those beautiful contrasting colors, impeccable attention to detail, and of course, that unique attention to comfort, design, and fit. Furthermore, Gottex Profile emphasizes an ultra-feminine and sophisticated look, while still reflecting today's most current trends in designer fashion. However, in comparison to its parent line, the Profile collection is unique in that it features designer styles that are a bit more modest and a bit lower in price. Whether you're looking for a flattering two-piece that can easily be mixed and matched, a modest and ultra-slimming tankini, or even a one-piece that hugs your every curve, Gottex Profile Swimwear will have you turning heads in Israel's finest in designer swimwear.

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